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YG002 fiber fineness comprehensive analyzer
    It is used for measuring three kinds of fiber diameter, section analysis and component content of textile.
    GB/T 10685、FZ/T 30003、SN/T 0756、AATCC20A etc.
    1. The cross section measurement accords with the provisions of AATCC 20A-1995 fiber quantitative analysis.
    2. It is used to observe the cross section morphology of various chemical fibers, special-shaped fibers and hollow fibers and to measure the area of the cross section.
    3. Test the profile of the special-shaped fiber.
    4. Through the cross shape analysis and area measurement of single fiber in blended products, the fiber content of all kinds of blended products can be obtained.
    5. Using professional analysis software, data and reports in EXCEL output, and provide standard reports.
    Work pattern
    Manual measurement, automatic measurement, multi point measurement, automatic statistical analysis, report printing, photo printing
    Instrument structure
    Computers, industrial cameras, microscopes, printers
    Measuring range
    Measurement accuracy
    Power supply
    AC220V  50Hz  100W
    Shape size
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