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MB029C dynamic impact load test system
    Test of tensile impact, breakdown, lzod impact test, Charpy impact. And drawing the N-T curve of  the load and energy change curve of the specimen during the transient process of the materials.
    The principle of the impact testing machine is the law of conservation of energy, and the impact energy of the impact sample is calculated according to the drop hammer.The work of impact is the unit of energy, and the unit is Joule, and the formula of energy is W=F*S Impact work be equal to force multiply displacement, but this test method has a natural disadvantage, the curve of force and displacement can not be directly displayed as a tensile testing machine, so we can pass the energy conversion formula: W=1/2*M*V*V=M*G*H,
    That is, the impact energy equals mass, multiplied by speed, multiplied by speed, divided by 2 equals mass multiplied by gravity acceleration multiplied by height, the impact test can be done by setting impact energy, simulating impact height or impact velocity.
    GB relevant standards: GB 6112、GB/T 14152、GB/T5836、GB/T10002、GB/T13664、GB/T16800、GB/T18477、GB_T 2812、GB_T 11548
    ASTM relevant standards: D-256(IZOD)、D-6110(CHARPY)、D-950、D-1822、D-2444、D-5420、D-3763、D-4508、D-4812、D-5628、E-23(IZOD、CHARPY)、E-208、E-436、E-604
    ISO relevant standards: 179(CHARPY)、180(IZOD)、148(CHARPY)、7765-2、6603-1、6603-2、179-2 and 3127
    1. The instrument enclosure is totally enclosed interlock structure, which prevents the debris from wounding and is intuitive and safe to use.
    2. Adopting imported shock load sensor, high-speed 18 bit A/D, 2 MHz synchronous sampling, more accurate and complete reaction instantaneous impact process.
    3. Energy storage spring regulating system. The energy storage spring is used to compress the total potential energy P=mgh+EP of the falling hammer beam to meet the impact of high energy or high speed impact.
    4. The automatic lifting system drives the crossbeam, which can automatically detect zero position, potential energy positioning and locking, and accurately measure the drop weight displacement.
    5. It can be tested at room temperature, and can be tested at low or high temperature.
    6. The soft landing shock absorber system can consume drop hammer energy, and the buffer device reduces the two impact force of the drop hammer.
    7. PC software, you can set three modes of work: analog energy, analog height and simulation speed. Real time data display, draw impact process curve, data analysis, data storage, query export import, data report printing, manipulation equipment, set analysis and calculation instrument operation parameters and other functions.
    Impact energy range(J)
    Impact simulation height(m)
    Displacement resolution
    Hammer lifting speed(mm/min)
    Impact velocity(m/s)
    Plate quality(kg)
    Counterweight mass(kg)
    Weight increment(kg)
    Compressed air source(Mpa)
    0.4~0.7  Φ6 Quick union of trachea
    Outline size
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